NEWLY RELEASED: You are Pretty Much on Your Own…The Two Disasters of Homelessness and the Pandemic.

Researchers in Nova Scotia looked at homelessness as it collided with the pandemic. The issues portrayed are relevant right across Canada, not just in the communities studied. Truly reflective of what many of us have been deep in the thick off since the pandemic started and the realities of our vulnerable folks who are still lining up outside to get many services.

Extreme Weather Advisory Issued for New Westminster

This EWA is being issued on January 24 at 11:10am, due to the following weather conditions and forecast: temperatures at or below zero degrees.

The following shelter will be providing spaces during this EWA:

 Lower Mainland Purpose Society EWR Shelter

Enter on Front Street side of building

8:00pm to 8:00am

Space for up to 50 adults 19+

Phone: 604-526-2522 (830-5pm) or 604-375-5792 (during shelter hours)