Extreme Heat Weather Advisory and Resources

With an Extreme Heat Weather Advisory being posted for the Lower Mainland by Environment Canada, temperatures are projected to be between 35 and 40 degrees celsius in some places. The New Westminster Emergency Management Office is reminding it residence to protect themselves against heat-related illnesses. 

For tips to assist in being comfortable and staying safe, please visit: https://newwestcity.maps.arcgis.com/apps/instant/minimalist/index.html?appid=cbe31e4d9852475aa9557da4a32c68cf

Location of City Water Fountains and Accessible Washrooms

SUPPORT FOR ORGANIZATIONS TO PURCHASE WATER To enable faith-based and non-profit organizations to assist their clients, guests and patrons, the City, through the COVID-19 At-Risk and Vulnerable Populations Task Force, is making up to $150 available for each faith-based and non-profit organization for the purchase and distribution of bottled water. If you are serving a large number of clients, guests and patrons, and you require more than $150 to meet their needs, then please e-mail John Stark at jstark@newwestcity.ca  In making your purchases, please ensure that you receive and submit receipts, and the City will ensure prompt payment. Receipts can be e-mailed to amehdic@newwestcity.ca

COOLING CENTRES: Century House and Queensborough Community Centre are being opened up as Cooling Centers from 11am-6pm starting Friday June 25 and will continue over the weekend and until the heatwave has concluded.  

Stay safe everyone!